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  • Ashley Elizabeth Paige

    Ashley Elizabeth Paige

    We are proud to introduce our next muse, Ashley Elizabeth Paige.  Ashley is a dancer with a vast dance background - gaining her start in ballet.  We were so thrilled when Ashley allowed us a tiny glimpse into her world.  Now living in LA, Ashley is breaking down barriers in the dance industry.

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  • Stephanie Rosa

    Stephanie Rosa

    I officially started my career at 18 when I was able to work on my own but I started at 3 yrs old. My mom had a hard time breaking into the industry because there was a lot of prejudices in the industry just like today.

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  • Cat Decome

    Cat Decome

    “People can only meet you as deeply as they have met themselves...” In the midst of scrolling through the beautiful images on Cat Decome’s Instagram page, we found this quote and wanted to let it serve as inspiration for our discussion with her.

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